Radical Transformation

Bild für Radical Transformation Bild für Nicole Meier

by: Nicole Meier
on: 16.08.2019

With these practices you discover your authentic self!

Workshop - Weekend from 18. - 20.10.2019 in Vienna


Are you looking for more in your life? - More freedom, more authenticity, more flow, more self-awareness?

Or are you looking for happiness, contentment, peace, joy...? 

This search sometimes shows up as an inner emptiness, where you can't really say what you are missing. You may also have certain hopes and desires for the future. But if you pause for a moment, you can see that these superficial fulfillments cannot help you to overcome this inner emptiness.

So what are you really looking for?

Your heart longs to know who you are and why you are in this world!

Change of Leadership

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by: Silas Hörler
on: 09.06.2019

After some time as leadlink of Integrales Leben I give up this position to dedicate myself to leading our new addition Integrales Forum. The management of these two bodies must remain separate, as the Forum must function as an independent platform. I am therefore delighted to take on this new role and hand over the management of Integrales Leben to Suzanne Regez with immediate effect:

My name is Suzanne Regez and I have decided to take over the position of leadlink of Integrales Leben. The practice-oriented facet of the movement is particularly close to my heart, as there can be no profound change without comprehensive consciousness work!


Bild für INTEGRALE SOMMERAKADEMIE 2019 Bild für Fabienne Kuhn

by: Fabienne Kuhn
on: 07.06.2019

From 22 - 25 July, daily courses and workshops around Integral Life Practice and beyond will take place in our classroom.

This low-threshold offer is a wonderful opportunity to get to know us and our work. You can arrange your program individually. From participating in a workshop to participating in the whole week everything is possible!

The courses take place with a minimum of 4 participants.

Registration and Information: fabienne@integrales-leben.org


Bild für NEU...SHADOWBUSTERS Bild für Kai Mosebach

by: Kai Mosebach
on: 07.06.2019

Shadow work - why?
Shadow work brings your unconscious parts back to the surface and allows you to reintegrate them into the stream of conscious thoughts. This will free your mind step-by-step from torturing thoughts, anxieties, arbitrary musings, and old patterns.

At the end, you will live a freer, lighter life...


Bild für NEU...MOVE! Bild für Fabienne Kuhn

by: Fabienne Kuhn
on: 06.06.2019

We move and are moved, internally and externally. We express our feelings in gestures and movements. A feeling triggers a movement, a movement a feeling.


Bild für NEU...INTEGRAL BASICS Bild für Reto Sauder

by: Reto Sauder
on: 06.06.2019

Stages, states, shadow, spirit, types, enlightenment, bio energy.... A few words you may have heard of and fully grasped, while some are still unclear.

Step Up – Onlinemagazine

Bild für Step Up – Onlinemagazine Bild für Fabienne Kuhn

by: Fabienne Kuhn
on: 17.03.2019

Step-up is an online magazine for women who have had enough of revolving around themselves. Enough of self-esteem problems, sense crises and relationship dramas. The aim of Step-Up is to explore contemporary issues in order to broaden perspectives, create awareness and provide a more adequate view by including more. And yes, it is also about emancipation, but not by blaming the opposite sex, but by taking responsibility for who we are and what we have to say.

Go to the magazine here.

An Integral Sunday

Bild für An Integral Sunday Bild für Nicole Meier

by: Nicole Meier
on: 04.12.2018

Unsatisfied on the job? The new relationship is already in the doldrums again? Somehow it dawns on you that it is not enough to blame the others... Have you had enough of turning in the hamster wheel? Do you want to take responsibility for your life? - Yes? Then click READ MORE


Hey you!? Have you had contact today? I mean the intensive, good contact? You already know... the one we all yearn for. Be honest: Not so easy, the thing with the contact, isn't it? Our parents didn't know how to do that either. Would you like to learn it? - Yes? Then click READ MORE


If you are not looking for fulfillment, do not want to lead a meaningful life, and do not want an intensive and satisfying relationship, then CLOSE THE HOMEPAGE