by: Nicole Meier

Cours Instructor, Shadow-Work
on: 04.12.2018

An Integral Sunday

by: Nicole Meier

on: 04.12.2018

Our highest concern is to accompany people on their way of growth. Growth happens through working with our consciousness: with our perception, thoughts, feelings and the individual shadow - our unconscious parts.

Every 4th Sunday of the month we take a day to get in touch with each other in the here and now in order to give space to the process of personal growth.

The four modules of the Integral Life Practice: Body, Mind, Shadow and Spirit, which we will all practice on this day, will point the way.

If you pay real attention to all these areas in your life, you will find it easier to stay in balance. In summary, it is about unifying all aspects of our being in a life-changing practice to find a fulfilled and meaningful life.


Structure of the day (rough)

9:30 Bodywork

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Shadow work (we use techniques from Circling, Gestalt therapy, Constellation...)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Bodywork

14:30 Spirit block (each with a different focus)

16:00 Meditation

17:00 Closing time


Dates: You can find the current dates in the calendar.

Price: at least 50.- (incl. Food and Drinks) If at the end of the day you notice that the day is worth more to you, you are welcome to give as much more as you like.

Place: Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel



Course instructors:

Nicole: "I have been practicing intensive shadow and mind work for a good 2 years. I started with Integral Bodywork relatively late, regular meditation has only been part of my practice for a short time. The effect the ILP has had on me (and is continuing to have), on my experience, my actions and my being is almost indescribable. I came to shadow work at a time when I was always struggling with depressive moods. I also went into dissociative states again and again, so as not to have to feel what was there at the moment. After an intense time I am now at a point in my life I never dreamed I could be. I have found the way to my heart. I feel love, joy, anger, sadness, pain and fear. I remain present in the here and now and enjoy life to the full. After this growing up process I can now concentrate on the depths and ups of waking up..."


Reto: "With good will, I can still describe the state I was in before my practice as dreaming, but definitely I was asleep. My life was mostly determined by lack of drive and orientation, avoiding my fears, droning and switching off from the world. Thanks to ILP I feel more alive and have been able to develop a holistic perspective. My path has changed from the one of least resistance to a successful search for abundance, energy and love. Today I can call my friends my family and have the feeling that I can finally find my place in the world".


Gradlon: "My search began in my mid-twenties. At that time my suffering had become more and more intense. I longed for fulfillment, depth, and of course for women. But at the same time I was paralysed with fear that left me living below my potential. On my search I tried a lot from Tantra to NLP. My search ended when I came across Integral Life Practice. I can still remember the feeling very well when I signed up for the first retreat. The thought of living with strangers in a house for 6 days made me shudder! It was clear to me that it was the right thing to do, but at that time I did not know where this path would lead me. That was more than 6 years ago. Today I am still afraid, but I am not withdrawing anymore because of it. I have learned to accept the fear and to listen to what it wants to tell me. The integral approach does not conjure up problems away from you. But it gives you the tools to deal with the problems of human life in a healthy way".