by: Fabienne Kuhn

Kursleiterin, Higher Female & Spirit
on: 07.06.2019


by: Fabienne Kuhn

on: 07.06.2019



Program Description:

Bodywork in the morning: Waking up is arriving: from passive sleep to active wakefulness. Bodywork in the morning is dedicated to this transition as a joint start to the day through practical exercises in physical awareness. It is focused on the fine and subtle and should support the arrival in the body after sleep...with Reto Sauder

Food and Shadow: Just like the big themes in our lives like love, sex, money, success etc., our unconscious influences our eating behaviour. What do I eat? Why do I eat? Do I eat big or small bites? How do I behave in the social context of eating? We look at the answers to these questions in the workshop. We cook our dinner together and experience in the here and now how our unconscious patterns steer us...with Sue Regez

Belly Dance Basics: Where does belly dance come from: Is it a traditional dance from the Orient or rather a European fantasy?
I'll explain the underlying technique and we'll try different movements and combinations of belly dancing...with Barbara Wenk

How does my Ebike work: ...and what is electricity?
The Ebike example teaches you how electric motors, batteries and electricity work in the first place. Previous knowledge is not necessary...with Silas Hörler

Tofu Workshop from Organic Soybean: In a small group of max. 4 persons each you will make a tofu by yourself and learn the whole tofu-making process from the (organic) soybean to the delicious final product.  It's fun - and fresh tofu is really the most tasty!...with Mariko Kaufmann

What is truth: The opinions about it are far apart. In my presentation I will arrange these views with the help of the integral map and bring them into an overall context. Based on the development of the levels of consciousness I will point out:
- what is considered truth in each case,
- which deep structures contribute to the respective view, and
- how this perception has changed...with Reto Sauder

Wake Up or Die: An integral theatre that makes the difference between "development" and "awakening" in a playful way! Attention: the audience is involved...-)...with Fabienne Kuhn & Nicole Meier

Circling: a practice that helps you to perceive and allow more of what is happening in that moment. It is exploring together: What is it like to be you right now? How does the connection between us feel? In an inter-subjective meditation you can practice in twos, threes and in large circles. The attention is first focused on the personal inner life. Your own body in the here and now serves as a starting point and reference point for a journey into the depths and shallows of human encounters. Our own behaviour patterns become as clearly conscious as our projections on others...with Nicole Meier & Gradlon von Känel

Shadows: Are you satisfied with your life? I mean really satisfied: from the bottom of your heart... you feel that you are in the right place with the people who matter to you and do what fills you. Sure, that's not possible... but why actually? You will probably attribute your reasons to external circumstances: I cannot, because...I may not, because...I want, but....

In fact, however, it is not only the world that prevents you! An unconscious part within yourself does not want to be satisfied at all: this unconscious part - the shadow - prevents by all means that you uncompromisingly approach the realisation of your deepest wishes. This is exactly where the shadow work begins: this work of consciousness uncovers your unconscious parts, so that you can face them and lead the true battles!..with Nicole Meier & Gradlon von Känel