by: Nicole Meier

Cours Instructor, Shadow-Work
on: 16.08.2019

Radical Transformation

by: Nicole Meier

on: 16.08.2019

With the practices we will be pursuing with you this weekend, you can get a lot closer to answering these two questions.

Each practice alone has a great potential to discover yourself - they all work together like a super boost. You realize your shadows, blockades and ego structures and come closer and closer to your true essence.

The practices:

Shadow work: Shadow work brings the unconscious parts of your personality (shadows) to the surface and enables you to reintegrate them. Thereby you free yourself step by step from tormenting thoughts, fears and from your mental cinemas. You cannot perceive the unconscious parts of your personality, because you are successfully suppressing them. This leads you to project them onto others. The task of the group is to bring these parts back to the surface and help you to consciously accept them again. The group setting allows you and the other participants to become both shadow perpetrators and witnesses at the same time. In this way you learn to better recognize and understand the shadows of others - and also your own.

Bodywork: Through our body we feel joy and suffering, well-being and pain - it is our anchor in the world. Through bodywork you learn to come into contact with your body intuition and to release muscle blocks inhibiting your flow of energy. You will become more alive and gain a better body feeling. When you learn to listen to your body feeling, you unlock the most powerful compass available to you for your personal needs in the here and now.

Meditation: If you are able to view a (stress) situation from the meta-level - from the observer - you will be able to spot your shadows, blockages and ego structures much more easily. In mindful sitting with the focus always on the here and now you have a great tool at hand to train exactly this observer.

Enneagram: When dealing with human growth you have to take into account that there are different personality types. Advice may help you, but it can be disastrous for your friend. With the Enneagram you have exactly such a tool at hand. With the knowledge of your personality type, you can discover the basic structures that were given to you from birth. Unlike shadow parts, these cannot be 
dissolved. But you can learn to deal with them.


The Goal

We will give you an in-depth introduction to the four practices so that at the end of the weekend you will be able to continue practicing for yourself alone or in small groups.


The workshop leadership:

Nicole: "Since about three years I have been undergoing a radical transformation process. The effect the practices have had on me, my experience, my actions and my being is almost indescribable. I came to shadow work at a time when I had to struggle time and again with depressive moods. I also repeatedly went into severe dissociative states in order not to have to feel what was there at the moment. After an intensive period of practicing I am now at a point in my life I never dreamed I could be. I have found the way to my heart. I feel love, joy, anger, grief, pain and fear. I still remain present in the here and now and enjoy life to the fullest."

Gradlon: "My search began in my mid-twenties. At that time, my suffering became more and more intense. I longed for fulfilment, depth, and of course for women. But at the same time there was so much fear that paralyzed me and left me living below my potential. On my search I tried a lot from Tantra to NLP. My search ended when I came across Integral Life Practice. I can still remember the feeling very well when I signed up for the first retreat. The thought of living with strangers in a house for six days made me shudder! I knew it was the right thing to do, but I didn't know where it would lead me. That was more than seven years ago. I am still afraid, but I am not withdrawing because of it. I have learned to accept my anxiety and to listen to what she wants to tell me. The integral approach does not conjure up problems away from you. But it gives you tools to deal with the problems of human life in a healthy way."


The structure:

Dates & Times: Friday 18.10.2019 16:00 - Sunday 20.10.2019 17:00

Course location: Institut Hara, Magdalenenstrasse 4/8, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Accommodation: You have to take care of the overnight stay yourself. If you have a bed available in Vienna or would like to have one, please let us know so that we can establish contacts.

Price: 390 CHF incl. drinks and small snacks 

Participants: No need for any previous knowledge - but you have to have the readiness to look closely at yourself.

Number of participants: Mind: 5 / Max: 10

Payment: With the transfer of the amount you secure your place.

IBAN: CH78 0900 0000 1503 0567 4


Recipient: IntegralCH Genossenschaft, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

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