by: Fabienne Kuhn

Kursleiterin, Higher Female & Spirit
on: 13.11.2018

The Higher Feminine: Surrender to the Highest

by: Fabienne Kuhn

on: 13.11.2018

The role of women has changed a lot in recent decades. Dependence and restraint have been replaced by independence and emancipation. Nowadays, women in Central Europe are mostly independent, can take care of themselves, pay the bill in the restaurant themselves, have One Nights Stands and open the door from the passenger seat themselves. Nevertheless, there is something left over that does not fit into our independent self-image: Longing.

This feeling that somehow something is missing, that we don't always want to be strong and still long for love.

Longing is a good signpost that we are not yet living our full potential. Longing is the desire for more, more love, more devotion, more life.

This workshop is aimed at women who want more. With the help of psychological methods and potential work we find out what hinders us, where we are holding back and what the next steps in a more complete life are.

When: As soon as we have enough registrations

Where: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

Price: at least 30.-

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