Weekly Courses

Dear Lady!

Have you had enough of shallow women - circles?

Are you bored of endlessly long conversations about feelings without authenticity and clarity?

Do you notice that as a woman you are accompanied by your very own topics?


                            Yes? Then the Women-Online-Evenings are for you!


The evenings start with a theoretical input, move on to a link to your personal experience and end with a We-Space round.

I will guide you safely through the evening with my fine, feminine feeling for emotions and energies and with my masculine clarity.


           An Evening for Women with Authenticity, Clarity, Content and Directio


The Topics:

  • Stages of Development & the Role of Women (27.August)
  • AQAL & the Strengths of the Female (3. September)
  • An Integral Map of Emotion (17. September)
  • The Potential of Aggression (24. September)
  • Confounded Needs (24. September)
  • Woman ask Questions (8. Oktober)
  • Female Essence (15. Oktober)
  • The Longing of the Woman (22. Oktober)


When: Thursdays 27.08 - 22.10.2020 19:30 - 21:30 CET

Location: Zoom - When you registered I will sent you the Link shortly befor it starts.

Registration: nicole@integrales-leben.org

Price: CHF 30 per evening / CHF 200 for all evenings

Registration deadline: Every wednesday evening

Commitment: The only prerequisite for taking part in the evenings is the willingness to get actively involved personally.


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Circling gives you the opportunity to find yourself and experience yourself in a new way. Circling offers you a safe framework based on the 5 Curling Principles to get in touch with others and to open up. We connect together and share our inner experience with others. 


The 5 principles

Commitment to Connection 
This is about a clear 'Yes!' to the connection with the other people present. This means the willingness to be influenced by others and to be in contact with whatever may show up.

Own your Experience
Taking responsibility for one's own experience means discovering and naming one's own undeniable truth, which lies beyond projection and blame.

Staying at the Level of Sensations
This principle points to the meditative character of Circling and invites us to stay with current sensations and bodily perceptions instead of changing it into a story and 'thinking about it'.

Trust Your Experience
Based on the principle of 'devotion to connection', this principle is an invitation to trust our own feelings and impulses in the connection. This means to face your own truth in every single moment with reverence and to consider your own thoughts, feelings and sensations as valuable and meaningful.

Being with the Other in their World
To follow this principle means to have an unbiased, open and curious attitude towards one's fellow human beings and their experience. Instead of drawing conclusions about the reality of the people around us based on our own experience and value systems, this principle invites us to question our own assumptions about others and to compare them with the actual experience of others.


Course leader: Gradlon von Känel

Location: Integrales Zenterum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Dates and time: From Wednesday 19.8.2020 to Wednesday 23.9.2020 each at 20:15 (six lessons of 1.5 hours each)

Price: CHF 35 per evening (CHF 180 for the whole course)

Registration and information: gradlon@integrales-leben.org

Closing date for applications: 9.8.2020

Entry is possible at any time.


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The Integral Bodywork brings you into contact with your body intuition and releases tension. You will become more alive, gain energy and a better body feeling.


The Integral Bodywork is aimed at people who want to get more in touch with their body in order to find access to their feelings and natural impulses. The basis for this is the insight into the fundamental connection between mind and body. We all know this connection from personal experience: Movement makes us lively, long sitting grumbles and the touch of another person can relax us. In Integral Bodywork you learn how to influence this interaction. You sharpen your body awareness, release tension and promote the natural flow of energy through your body. For this we use the most effective elements from the various movement teachings such as bioenergetics, Hatha Yoga or Qigong.

No previous knowledge or physical requirements are necessary for this course, you can get a taste of it at any time. For further information please contact the course leader.


Time: Tuesdays 18:30 - 19:45
Course leader: Reto
Registration & Information: reto@integrales-leben.org
Location: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17,  4052 Basel
Costs: CHF 25.- per evening drop-in / CHF 140.- for the quarter

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Do you want to finally put an end to unnecessary fights? Through the Integral Shadowwork you get to know your unconscious self and thus create the possibility to take away the power of these parts over you. This way you create the basis for a full, self-determined life.


In all of us there are parts that we do not want to admit: Feelings, rules or ideas that threaten our self-image. These parts influence our perception and determine our actions, even if we do not consciously notice them. The personal confrontation with this phenomenon - our own unconscious, the shadow - is the content of this course.
The starting point for shadow work is usually dissatisfaction or even suffering: you don't get what you want, although you try... you feel bad and you can't find a way out... you want more from life, but fail... the reason for this is your shadow!
The bad thing is that you can't see your own shadow. That's why it feels like out there - in the world - is the reason for your struggle. But in fact, in most cases, you are responsible for it yourself.
In this course we will work in a group (5 to 9 people), where you can check your inner perception and thus uncover your self-deception. This process can be very threatening, which is why we offer a safe setting in which you will have time to build trust. The goal is to accept the repressed parts again, so that you can lead a full, self-determined life.

No previous knowledge is necessary for this course. You can come in for two sessions without obligation to find out what to expect. For further information please contact the course director.


Time: Tuesdays 20:00 - about 22:30

Course leader: Gradlon & Reto

Registration & Information: reto@integrales-leben.org

Location: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Costs: 350.- for the quarter

Binding: A registration is valid for the whole quarter.

Mind: In addition, Silas will provide you with mind-tasks via an online platform, which you can complete independently. When you queue for the tasks, you will be able to look at your questions and problems in the shadow group.

Sniff: Afraid of the unknown or not sure if it is the right thing for you? Twice you can have a non-binding trial and decide whether shadow work is the right thing for you.

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Unconscious aggression leads to sabotage and causes unnecessary suffering, both to oneself and to one's fellow human beings!

This course is about bringing this aggression to the surface and channeling it in a gentle yet determined way. The conscious aggression can then be used specifically to achieve one's goals and wishes!

At the beginning of the lesson we start with bioenergetic exercises which bring us into the here and now and into our body. This is followed by a series of stick-fighting sequences that bring us into our full energy. The lesson is rounded off with further bioenergetic exercises.

Furthermore we will deal with the following topics:

  • Aggression and nutrition
  • Collective Wutschatten
  • Aggression and lust


No previous knowledge is necessary for this course.


Course leader: Suzanne Regez

Location: Integral Center, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Dates and time: From Wednesday 19.8.2020 to Wednesday 23.9.2020 each at 18.30 (six lessons of 1,5 hours each)

Price: CHF 25 per evening (CHF 150.- for the whole course), acquisition costs for a wooden stick CHF 30

Registration and information: suzanne@integrales-leben.org

Closing date for applications: 9.8.2020

You are welcome to come and have a sniff on the first evening. The rest of the course is then binding.

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Full Spectrum Bodywork is a course that integrates the essential elements of all common body practices. The weights induce physical stress and tension (gross part, muscle growth). The slow energetic exercises then release the tension and consciously integrate occurring emotions (subtle part). Silent sitting expands the body mindfulness and dissolves all energy into presence if possible (causal part). The sessions are expanded spontaneously and if needed completet with other exercises.

This course is for advanced students already familiar with Bioenergetics, Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

Special dumbbells and rubber bands are needed, which must be purchased beforehand (about CHF 90.- per person, once)
When: Every Monday from 19.30h to 21h

Cost: CHF 25.- per evening

Instructor: Andreas Renz

Registration: nicole@integrales-leben.org


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Weekend Courses

Who am I actually? And why do I do what I do? There are three possible reactions to these questions: you are not interested, you know it exactly (congratulations!) or you are dealing with it and have not yet found a satisfying answer... In the latter case we recommend this course! You will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the theory of Integral Shadow Work in an informal setting.

Shadow work is a form of personal development work in which you come to terms with yourself and the way you approach your life. The aim is to develop more awareness for yourself and your actions... to get answers to the above questions : )

During three evenings you will explore shadow work: what exactly is the shadow and what does it have to do with you? Interested?

Then get in touch with celine@integrales-leben.org.



  • Sun. January 24. 2021
  • Sun. January 31. 2021
  • Sun. February 7. 2021

90.- CHF

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Does the thought of enlightenment enchant you?

Are you fascinated by everything that has to do with the spiritual path?


But does everything seem a bit diffuse and unclear?

Are you curious to learn more about the Waking Up?


                         Then the Becoming All-One Day is for you!


With the help of the Integral Map I will give you a crisp & clear overview of the spiritual paths on this day.

I will show you that an enlightened person is a little more enlightened today than 2000 years ago.

I will guide you through guided meditations to the places where you can experience the different stages of state.

And I will show you what the difference is between Waking Up and Growing Up and why it is definitely worthwhile to consciously follow both ways.


Where: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Course leader: Nicole Grossen

Price (incl. a Lunch): CHF 100.-

Date & Time: Saturday 12. December 2020, 10:00 - 16:00

Registration Deadline: Sunday 29. November 2020

Registration & Information: nicole@integrales-leben.org

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For Woman!

Your body is the seat of everything that defines you. Without consciousness for your body and without anchoring in your body you are not tangible.


  • In your body sits life.
  • All emotions flow through your body.
  • With your body you perceive (what happens on the outside but also inside).
  • Through your body your primeval feminine, wild being reveals itself as well as your high feminine qualities.
  • Through your body your authentic self becomes capable of acting on this earth, to make this place a true, beautiful and good place.

Do you want to discover, experience and feel all this and more?


                    Then the "Embody Your Authentic Self" days are for YOU!


During these four days we take the time to get to know our body and its processes very well, to explore & to recognize which embodiment is easy for it and what and why it is afraid of.

Through specific exercises and theoretical inputs you will get to know your body in a completely new way.


Every day is dedicated to a specific topic:

Your body and its emotions (06.09.20)
Your body and its aggressive power (31.10.20)
Your body and its desire (01.11.20)
Your body and its female essence (13.12.20)

Location: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Course leader: Nicole Grossen

Registration & Information: nicole@integrales-leben.org

Dates: Sunday 6 September 2020 / Saturday 10 October / Sunday 11 October / Sunday 13 December

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Price (incl. Lunch): One day 100.00 / Two days 180.00 / Three days 260.00 / Four days 340.00

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The Integral Sunday is the ideal way to get in touch with the basics of the Integral Life Practice in a beginner-friendly way.

Integral Life Practice (ILP) is a holistic approach to promote human growth. If you are struggling in any area of your life - love, work, meaning, emotions, insight... you name it -, ILP brings both a profound theoretical framework (a map to navigate the world, including yourself) as well as an effective practice (tools that have a deep impact on your self) at your disposal.

On this Sunday you have to opportunity to get in touch with the complete ILP core program. You will take part in the four basic modules - Body, Mind, Shadow & Spirit - and thereby be able to feel and see for yourself the impact on you.

The day is roughly structured like this:

9:30 1. Bodywork session (Body module)

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Shadowwork session (Shadow module)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Mind session (Mind module)

15:30 2. Bodywork session (Body module)

17:00 Closing time

The price includes a coffee break and lunch. It's the minimum to cover the costs of the room and food. If at the end of the day you realize it's worth more to you, you're welcome to give that much more.

Time & dates: 09:30 - approx. 17:00, on the following Sundays: 20.09 // 18.10 // 29.11

Host: Reto and team

Registration & Information: reto@integrales-leben.org

Costs: 50.-

Location: Integrales Zentrum Schauenburg, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

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Walk your Talk is the outdoor program for men and women who want to bring dedication, definition and movement into their lives. Do you want to realize a specific project or mature personally and become the leader of your life? Then this is the right place for you!

Becoming the leader of your life means taking yourself and what you really want in life seriously. It also means to look into the face of finity and to follow your deepest wants, your dissatisfaction and your strive for 'more' in life with concrete steps. Your journey begins with the decision to actively take care of the most important areas of your life (such as needs, work, relationships, living conditions and personal development) and to take personal responsibility. Depending on the person (type and stage of development) this path can look very differently: for some it means to dive into life, to try it out and work through their bucket list. For others it means following their vision, burying options, resolving problems, closing open sites and finally getting their projects up and running. It is important that you look carefully and decide today not to wait and see but to take the next concrete step on your path.

Walk your Talk means to put your insights into practice. Here it happens that you are standing in your own way and you face inner obstacles. Decisions are left open, actions are delayed, ambiguity arises. This blocks your energy and inevitably leads to suffering for you and your fellow human beings. Under the motto 'Walk your Talk' we find out how you tick, which concrete actions bring you closer to your goals and where and why you are hesitating or which unconscious obstacles stand in your way, so that you can fully manifest your life power and capability to act.

In my Walk your Talk Outdoor program you will get the optimal setting: Each workshop includes physical activity, authentic contact in the group, exercises from the four modules of the Integral Life Practice and input from my practice and experience, which will support you on your journey. Does that sound good? Are you convinced that there is more in you and ready for your next step? Then do not hesitate and let your words be followed by deeds today!

Leadership: Simon Grossen

Location: Outdoor in the Basel region. The meeting point will be announced on Friday evening (easily accessible by bike or public transport/feet).

Dates: 7 Saturdays in the 2nd semester 2020, each 12 - 18 hrs (08.08.20, 22.08.20, 19.09.20, 10.10.20, 24.10.20, 21.11.20, 12.12.20)

Registration, preliminary talk and information: simon@integrales-leben.org

Minimum number of participants: 4 persons per Saturday, registration deadline by Thursday evening

Price: CHF 90 per workshop, 20% discount for members of Integral Life Basel, 10% discount when you register for 3 workshops

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Why do women have sex? Why do men have sex? And does that fit together? How do the desire and need for sex change in the course of life? How is lust related to aggression? What does that have to do with my eating behavior?

Lust, sexuality and love change in the course of human development. In this workshop we look at both the different forms of pleasure and the development of these in detail. The personal shadow, collective patterns and concepts about pleasure will occupy us. The aim is that each participant gets a clear picture of where he / she is and what is important for him / her. This is the only way to recognize the next step towards more pleasure in sex.

The following topics will concern us:

  • Purpose of sex and lust Lust and aggression
  • The essence of female lust
  • The essence of male lust
  • Polarity between a man and a woman


The workshop can be attended by individuals. If you are in a partnership / liaison, it is recommended that you come together!


Instructor: Andreas Renz and Suzanne Regez

Location: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Dates and time:

Friday October 16, 2020, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (introduction)

Saturday, October 17th, 2020, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (workshop)

Price (including drinks and snack on Saturday lunchtime):

Single person CHF 150.-  / Pair CHF 250.-

Registration and info: suzanne@integrales-leben.org

Registration deadline: Friday, September 25th, 2020

Abstract sign for men and wemmen

Have you ever wondered why situations, problems and disasters keep repeating in your life? Why do you keep looking for the same men / women, friends, jobs etc. and still not being happy? It's up to your patterns!

Even though we humans are essentially the same, there are different ways to face your life and all the challenges that come with it. Some plunge into professional life, others seek their salvation in relationships, other strategies are again the escape into nature, into projects or into a self-created world of thought. Since time immemorial, humanity has tried to recognize a system in this chaos. Many typologies have disappeared, some have held up. The integral personality system is based on the Enneagram, which has proven itself over the centuries. It divides people into nine main types and shows the dynamic in a relaxed and stressed situation. It also shows us ways in which we can break down internal barriers and develop ourselves further, and ultimately be able to pursue our goals more freely. In this workshop you will get to know your type and your preferred life strategy and learn more about how you can develop despite these patterns. No prior knowledge required.

Instructor: Suzanne Regez, Silas Hörler and Simon Grossen

Location: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Dates and time: Friday November 13th, 2020, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (introduction) Saturday 14.11.2020, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (workshop)

Price (including drinks and snack on Saturday lunchtime): CHF 150.-

Registration and info: suzanne@integrales-leben.org

Registration deadline: Friday 23. October 2020

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