Weekly Courses

Integral Bodywork brings you into contact with your body intuition and releases tension. You will become more alive, gain energy and a better body feeling.


The Integral Bodywork is aimed at people who want to get more in touch with their body in order to find access to their feelings and natural impulses. The basis for this is the insight into the fundamental connection between mind and body. We all know this connection from personal experience: Movement makes us lively, long sitting grumbles and the touch of another person can relax us. In Integral Bodywork you learn how to influence this interaction. You sharpen your body awareness, release tension and promote the natural flow of energy through your body. For this we use the most effective elements from the various movement teachings such as bioenergetics, Hatha Yoga or Qigong.

No previous knowledge or physical requirements are necessary for this course, you can get a taste of it at any time. For further information please contact the course leader.

Time: Monday 17:30 - 19:00

Course leader: Peter

Registration & Information: peter@integralschweiz.org

Location: Integral Centre Schauenburg, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, Basel

Costs: Drop-in 25.- per evening / 140.- for the quarter


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Do you want to finally put an end to unnecessary fights? Through the Integral Shadowwork you get to know your unconscious self and thus create the possibility to take away the power of these parts over you. This way you create the basis for a full, self-determined life.


In all of us there are parts that we do not want to admit: Feelings, rules or ideas that threaten our self-image. These parts influence our perception and determine our actions, even if we do not consciously notice them. The personal confrontation with this phenomenon - our own unconscious, the shadow - is the content of this course.
The starting point for shadow work is usually dissatisfaction or even suffering: you don't get what you want, although you try... you feel bad and you can't find a way out... you want more from life, but fail... the reason for this is your shadow!
The bad thing is that you can't see your own shadow. That's why it feels like out there - in the world - is the reason for your struggle. But in fact, in most cases, you are responsible for it yourself.
In this course we will work in a group (5 to 9 people), where you can check your inner perception and thus uncover your self-deception. This process can be very threatening, which is why we offer a safe setting in which you will have time to build trust. The goal is to accept the repressed parts again, so that you can lead a full, self-determined life.

No previous knowledge is necessary for this course. You can come in for two sessions without obligation to find out what to expect. For further information please contact the course director.


Time: Mondays 19:00 untill about 22:00

Course leader: Reto & Céline

Registration & Information: reto@integrales-leben.org

Location: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Costs: 350.- for the quarter

Binding: A registration is valid for the whole quarter.

Sniff: Afraid of the unknown or not sure if it is the right thing for you? On the 16. & 23. of August you can have a non-binding trial and decide whether shadow work is the right thing for you.

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We practice the "Z Method" by Emily Fletcher. This is one of the simplest and shortest meditation techniques available. - Ideal for those who previously thought they had too little time or discipline to meditate regularly.

The group is ideal for you if you want to build a regular meditation practice and need a bit of support to get started.

Time: Thursday, 17h-17h30

Session schedule: 10 minutes introduction and answering questions, 15 minutes meditation, 5 minutes sharing.

Participation is also possible on short notice, just contact Peter: 079 756 53 83

Price: 5 Fr.

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Weekend Courses

Who am I actually? And why do I do what I do? There are three possible reactions to these questions: you are not interested, you know it exactly (congratulations!) or you are dealing with it and have not yet found a satisfying answer... In the latter case we recommend this course! You will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the theory of Integral Shadow Work in an informal setting.

Shadow work is a form of personal development work in which you come to terms with yourself and the way you approach your life. The aim is to develop more awareness for yourself and your actions... to get answers to the above questions : )

During three evenings you will explore shadow work: what exactly is the shadow and what does it have to do with you? Interested?

Then get in touch with celine@integrales-leben.org.

Where: Online per Zoom

When: Sunday 15. of August, 19:00 bis ca. 21:00

Price: 25.- CHF

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The Integral Sunday is the ideal way to get in touch with the basics of the Integral Life Practice in a beginner-friendly way.

Integral Life Practice (ILP) is a holistic approach to promote human growth. If you are struggling in any area of your life - love, work, meaning, emotions, insight... you name it -, ILP brings both a profound theoretical framework (a map to navigate the world, including yourself) as well as an effective practice (tools that have a deep impact on your self) at your disposal.

On this Sunday you have to opportunity to get in touch with the complete ILP core program. You will take part in the four basic modules - Body, Mind, Shadow & Spirit - and thereby be able to feel and see for yourself the impact on you.

The day is roughly structured like this:

09:00 Bodywork session (body module), followed with coffee and croissants

10:00 Shadowwork session (Shadow module)

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Mind session (Mind module) - Topic: stages of development and what is this Teal thing?

14:30 Meditation (Spirit module)

14:45 Closing time

The price includes a coffee break and lunch.

Date: 09:00 - approx. 15:00, on Sunday 26.09

Host: Reto and team

Registration & Information: reto@integrales-leben.org

Costs: 75.-

Location: Integrales Zentrum Schauenburg, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

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