Integral Theory

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Integral Theory (IT) was developed over the past three decades by the American philosopher Ken Wilber. It is the first theoretical approach to unite all knowledge systems in world history. This means that the endless struggles between religion and science, idealism and materialism, egoism and ethics become obsolete through IT. How it does this can be demonstrated using the basic building blocks of the approach:

 -  Structures

 -  Lines

 -  Quadrants

 -  Types

 -  States

More Information about Integral Theory can be found here.

Integral Life Practice

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The Integral Life Practice (ILP) was developed in the Integral Institute in the USA. With the help of Integral Theory, it brought clarity into the jungle of techniques, teachings and schools and created a blueprint for a truly holistic practice. Four modules form the core of the practice:

 -  Body

 -  Mind

 -  Shadow

 -  Spirit

None of these may ever be neglected, because each of the four modules covers a decisive part of the human being. If you ignore one of them, you ignore a part of yourself.

The Modules of Integral Life Practice

The Mind Module is about cognitive development and thus the acquisition of more comprehensive perspectives. (Reading this description is also part of the Mind Module.)

he Body Module covers everything from healthy nutrition and medicine to Yoga and Tai Chi. This module is described in more detail in the book Integral Bodywork.

The Shadow Module is about bringing unconscious personality parts (shadows) to the surface and integrating them. We cannot perceive the unconscious parts of our personality – they are completely suppressed. The shadow module is of special importance, because in the worst case shadows can sabotage your entire practice without ever being noticed.

The Spirit Module takes care of spiritual development and especially of Awakening and realizing Consciousness as the highest and only reality. In practice we use meditation, spiritual inquiries, contemplative prayer and more.