Weekly courses

We feel both pleasure and hurt, well-being and pain by means of our body - it grounds us in the world. In this course you will learn to get in touch with the natural intuition of your body in order to resolve muscle blockades interfering with the flow of energy. By this you will become more alive and gain a healthy feeling for your body.

The role our body plays in everyday life is usually negligible. We perceive it mostly as a cause of stress: it doesn't look as good as we'd like, it hurts, stinks and so on. Our main way to navigate the world is by means of our mind or emotions, often without realising their relationship to the body. On the other hand, you've surely already experienced that physical exercise generally has a profound effect on your state i.e. your mind. In fact, body and mind cannot be separated - they are like two sides of the same coin! Integral Bodywork is based on exactly that insight.

Accordingly, our body expresses our personal history and how we are currently grounded in the world in a straightforward way - physically as well as mentally. Posture, muscle tensions, mobility, power, endurance and vitality all correspond to the flow of energy throughout our body and are the result of behavioural patterns that we have been repeating for years: How we move, deal with resistance, aim for our goals, get into contact with people or touch them, how we feel and so on. By learning to listen to the wisdom of our body-intuition we get access to the most powerful compass that is available for our needs in the here and now. Our body knows exactly what it needs and wants in this very moment.

However, in our culture we tend to have lost or even suppress contact to this kind of intuition through our upbringing. The goal of this course is therefore to get in touch with your body-intuition to gain more vitality, clarity and energy. We will lay out the groundwork for your own personal practice in order for you to learn sensing which exercise or activity you need at this moment. For that, a broad spectrum of techniques and exercises taken from all the major schools of gross to subtle body practices - from Bioenergetics to Hatha Yoga and Qigong.  

Tuesday Group:

Facilitator: Peter

When: 18:30 - 19:45

Registration: peter@integrales-leben.org


Wednesdy Group:

Facilitator: Nicole

When: 18:45 - 20:00

Registration: nicole@integrales-leben.org


Costs: Drop in 20.- per evening / for the Quarter 195.-

Venue: Integrales Zentrum Schauenburg, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, Basel


Liebe Frau!

Hast Du genug von seichten Frauen - Zirkeln?

Langweilen dich endlos lange Gespräche über Gefühle ohne Echtheit und Klarheit?

Merkst Du, dass Dich als Frau ganz eigene Themen begleiten?


                          JA? Dann sind die Frauen-Online-Abende für Dich!


Die Abende starten mit einem theoretischen Input, gehen über zu einer Verlinkung zu deinem persönlichen Erleben und Schliessen mit einer We-Space Runde.

Dabei führe ich dich mit meinem feinen, femininen Gespür für Emotionen und Energien und mit meiner gleichzeitig maskulinen Klarheit sicher durch den Abend.


              Ein Abend für Frauen mit Echtheit, Klarheit, Content und Richtung


Die Themen:

  • Die Entwicklungsstufen & die Rolle der Frau
  • AQAL & die Stärken des Weiblichen
  • Das Potenzial der Aggression  
  • Verflixte Bedürfnisse
  • Weibliche Essenz
  • Männliche Essenz
  • Die Frau & ihre Lust
  • Die Sehnsucht der Frau


Wann: 28.04 - 24.06.2020

Ort: Zoom

Zeit: Mittwoch, 20:00 - 22:00 Uhr

Anmeldung: nicole@integrales-leben.org

Preis: CHF 30.- pro Abend / CHF 200.- für alle Abende

Anmeldeschluss: Jeweils am Dienstagabend

Commitment: Die einzige Voraussetzung, um an den Abenden teilzunehmen, ist der Wille, dich aktiv persönlich einzubringen.


Shadow work - why?
Shadow work brings your unconscious parts back to the surface and allows you to reintegrate them into the stream of conscious thoughts. This will free your mind step-by-step from torturing thoughts, anxieties, arbitrary musings, and old patterns.

At the end, you will live a freer, lighter life... 

Shadow work - How does it work?

In the beginning, you will be projecting majority of your unconscious parts onto others or suppress them completely. Our job at this point is to bring those thoughts back to the surface of your own consciousness.

To achieve this, we work in groups of 5 to 9 persons. In this setting you will be able to become witness and culprit of your own as well as other peoples shadows.

Shadow work - whats the purpose?

While the group progresses you will get to know your usual patterns. You will understand the reasons why you and others created them. You will see the resulting games beeing played and, as a result, stop these games completely.

Recognizing and solving shadows individually and at any time is the goal of this basic block.

Tuesday Group:

Facilitator: Gradlon

Co-Facilitator: Peter & Reto

:When: 20:00 - 22:00

Registration & Information: gradlon@integrales-leben.org

Wednesday Group:

Facilitators: Kai & Nicole

When: 20:00 - 22:00

Registration & Information: nicole@integrales-leben.org


Location: Integrales Zentrum Schauenburg, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Price: 30.- (The registration is valid for the whole quarter)

Tryout: Afraid of the unknown or not sure if it is right for you? The first two times (We 8. & 15. January / Tu 7. & 14. January) you can try it without obligation.

"...You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts." (Khalil Gibran from "On Children")

As parents many questions can plague us: "How can I meet my children openly and with all my love?", "How can I keep the space open for my child with his very own being?", "How can I stay with myself despite everything?", "What kind of mother or father do I want to be?", "How do I react to my child?", "What is right? What is wrong?

Our children constantly keep our personal limits in front of our eyes. If we perceive these limits and take them seriously, we can grow with our children. We want to support you in this process by offering a place where an exchange can take place about your experience as a parent. In authentic contact we want to look with you where and why you encounter difficulties and what you can (or cannot) do.

At the moment there is no regular parents' group. If you have any questions about being a parent, you are welcome to contact Nicole.

Contact: nicole@integrales-leben.org

What's it like to be you right now?

Circling is a practice that helps you to perceive and allow more of what is happening in that moment. It is exploring together: What is it like to be you right now? How does the connection between us feel? In an inter-subjective meditation it can be practiced in twos, threes and even in large circles. The attention is first directed to the personal inner life. Your own body in the here and now serves as a starting point and reference point for a journey into the depths and shallows of human encounters. One's own behaviour patterns become just as clearly conscious as our projections onto others.

Circling+ is a format of Integral Life. Through our experience in Integral Shadowwork we are able to leave the structure of Circling if necessary to reach more depth.

For more information about what Circling is and how it works, visit the homepage of Circling Switzerland.

Dates: At the moment there are no regular Circling evenings. If you are interested, please contact Nicole. She is also happy to give external introductory courses to Circling.

Facilitator: Nicole

Contact: nicole@integrales-leben.org (bis spätestens 12:00 Uhr)

The kind of contact is a direct image of ourselves. Our self in turn has the ability to grow.

Our highest concern is to accompany people on their way of growth. Growth happens through working on our consciousness: on perception, thoughts, feelings and the individual shadow - the unconscious part of us.

On the 4th Sunday of each month we take one day to get in touch with each other from the here and now in order to give space to the process of personal growth.

The four modules of the Integral Life Practice: Body, Mind, Shadow and Spirit, which we will all practice on this day, will point the way.

If you pay real attention to all these areas in your life, you will find it easier to stay in balance. In summary, it is about unifying all aspects of our being in a life-changing practice to find a fulfilled and meaningful life.


Structure of the day (rough)

9:30 Bodywork

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Shadow work (we use techniques from Circling, Gestalttherapy, Constellation...)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Mind (each with a different focus)

15:30 Bodywork

16:00 Meditation

17:00 Closing time


Venue: Integrales Zentrum, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, 4052 Basel

Costs: At least 50.- (incl. Lunch and Drinks); If at the end of the day you realize it's worth more to you, you're welcome to give so much more.

Facilitators: Nicole & Sue

Registration and Information: nicole@integrales-leben.org

Full Spectrum Bodywork is a course that integrates the essential elements of all common body practices. The weights induce physical stress and tension (gross part, muscle growth). The slow energetic exercises then release the tension and consciously integrate occurring emotions (subtle part). Silent sitting expands the body mindfulness and dissolves all energy into presence if possible (causal part). The sessions are expanded spontaneously and if needed completet with other exercises.

This course is for advanced students already familiar with Bioenergetics, Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

Special dumbbells and rubber bands are needed, which must be purchased beforehand (about CHF 90.- per person, once)
When: Every Monday from 19.30h to 21h

Cost: CHF 25.- per evening

Instructor: Andreas Renz

Registration: suzanne@integralschweiz.org


In the hectic pace of everyday life, take time for rest, silence and contemplation.

No matter which meditation practice you come from, the Integral Frame offers space for all directions.
Whether with or without sitting experience, I look forward to meditating with you every Thursday over lunch."
After the meditation we have the opportunity to stay, have a picnic and exchange our experiences.

If you have no experience in meditation or are unsure, please contact me. Then we will meet a little earlier and I will give you an introduction.

12:15 - 12:45 Meditation
12:45 - 13:15 Open space for picnic & exchange

Facilitator: Nicole
Venue: Integrales Zentrum Schaueburg, Schauenburgerstrasse 17, Basel
Price: Individual contribution between 10.- and 20.-.
Registration: required but not necessary to nicole@integrales-leben.org

Weekly Program